Thai Capital Corporation Public Company Limited (“TCC”) is one of Thailand’s leading coal trading companies with the production capacity more than 90,000 tons. To be concerned about the sustainable growth, we run our business with the following key competencies:-

  • Consistence Quality
    TCC has imported the highly qualified products from the top class reliable source of coal which is Indonesia, one of the top 5 World’s most qualified coal sources. In addition, in order to put emphasis on the importance of our consistence quality of our products, TCC has had a professional QC team as well as hired one of the world’s largest quality control companies to inspect and to analyze our products in every process from the beginning at the coal mine of the purchasing process, at the port before transportation and until to our port at Thailand. Furthermore, TCC has our own internal quality team with the operation room and tools to test the quality of the products complied with the international standard acceptance in order to ensure our products will be best for our satisfaction.

  • Delivery on Demand
    In present, TCC has both sale executive teams, ready to response to our customer’s orders no matter in ordinary hours or in rush time, and a professional logistic partner, ready to deliver our products to our customers’ hands with on timely basis or on requested.

  • Variety of Products
    In accordance with providing several types of coal products from Sub–bituminous to Bituminous, groups of high product quality, TCC can response to variety of our customers businesses such as Food, Garment, Cement, or others which are also having variety of demands in size and quality. However, to ensure to reach for the highest possibility to serve our customer satisfactions, TCC are under process of education to increase our product range with a concern of the great quality.