Business Overview of the Company and subsidiaries

Thai Capital Corporation PCL (“TCC”)
Coal trading business - Import and distribute coal and mineral domestically and Internationally

Sales and Distribution process of coal
emphasizes on import of coal for sales in the domestic market, especially to industries that utilize coal as a source of energy. Sales and distribution in the international market will be considered when appropriate opportunity arises.

Operating process of the coal business
starts from procurement of coal from sources in Indonesia and transport by sea vessels to Thailand to sell to customers and/or select and separate the sizes according to the orders before delivery. The Company had outsourced the separation and storage services in the initial stage of operation. In 2008, however, the Company had constructed its own separation plant and warehouses at Amphur Khaoyoi, Petchburi province, which was expected to commence commercial operation in the middle of 2009. As for the international sales system, the process will be similar to domestic sales, whereby the Company purchases coal from suppliers in Indonesia and sources vessels to transport it to the customer’s destination as per the purchase order. Sea vessel transportation service has been rendered in order to manage the existing assets in such a way to generate revenue, since the vessels have already been chartered long-term to transport the imported coal to the Company.